What does Paleo mean to us?

If you are new to this blog and aren’t quite sure what Paleo is, or maybe you’ve heard of it as the “latest diet craze”, then we are here to explain what Paleo means to us.

According to Wikipedia, Paleo is “Centered on commonly available modern foods, the “contemporary” Paleolithic diet consists mainly of fish, grass-fed pasture raised meats, vegetables, fruit, fungi, roots, and nuts, and excludes grains, legumesdairy products, salt, refined sugar, and processed oils.” The Paleo diet is in essence what our caveman ancestors ate.

For over a year now, we have been following this lifestyle (notice we didn’t say “diet”. Diet is usually associated with a short term goal to lose a few pounds, we say lifestyle, because this is the way we “live”).  We can’t say that we have been 100% all the time, but we are at least 90%, 100% of the time.

Do we eat only grass fed, organic beef, fruits and vegetables? No, but we try to as much as possible. We’ve been getting into the habit of trying to eat and prepare our foods with what is in season. Thankfully it’s summer, fruits and vegetables are so plentiful and the colors are absolutely gorgeous!

We shop a lot at Costco for our fruits and vegetables, but we LOVE the farmer’s markets. Have you ever just walked around a farmer’s market and took in the sights, colors, and smells?  Last week I tried something new, they were called Ground Cherries, they were like little tomatillos, they had the husk, but were small like a cherry, they tasted like a sweet tomato. You certainly don’t see these things at the grocery store. It’s really opened up our eyes to try new foods. Did you ever notice that at the farmer’s market the food isn’t perfect, it’s in its’ raw state, the farmers don’t throw out the imperfect or misshaped fruit and vegetables. As a culture, I think we have become accustomed to perfectionism, if it looks bad, it will taste bad…so not the truth.

Do we always eat organic, grass-fed beef, pork, chicken? No, we don’t, but we do the best that we can. We just recently bought 50lb. of organic, grass-fed beef from a local farmer. (review to come at a later date). What we try to do is buy the best quality we can find.

As far as dairy, we don’t do it. We stock our fridge with coconut milk, and we have canned coconut milk in the pantry. It’s not something we drink, we mainly use it for smoothies and cooking. We aren’t lacking in nutrients, again, we get them from our food.

Okay, so we mention this is a lifestyle, its not just about what we eat, but how we live. We strive for at least 8-9 hours of sleep a night. We exercise daily, focusing on high intensity interval training, not a traditional long 60 minute workout on the treadmill. We hike with the kids and dogs, try to go for long walks and we lift heavy things. (except the dog, he’s 210lbs).

Paleo has different meanings for different people. As you research it, please draw your own conclusions, as you will find people who eat things or drink things that people will say is not “true” Paleo. We feel that we are quite conservative as we don’t eat dairy, beans, sugar, but the point that we always try to make to people is, the common thread to eating Paleo is eating real food, unprocessed, without the excessive manufactured carbohydrates, and not to be afraid of high quality fat, such as coconut or olive oil.

Even if you just ease into this, taking baby steps, we think it will make significant changes in the way you feel, look, and your moods. Let us know what change you will make this week to better your health, good luck and Grok on!

P.S. As far as our children and this lifestyle, that’s a whole ‘nother post!!!


Cheers…to new beginnings!

What to write about?!

This thought has been plaguing me since we decided to create this blog. Ok, ok, maybe this is just an excuse, but we want to make this good, you know? For you and us!

I guess I worried about what we had to offer that you can’t already search on the internet. We don’t have nutrition backgrounds, we aren’t personal trainers, and I will get it out into the open right now, I am a recipe thief.

So really, what DO we have to offer? I guess the fact that we are regular people with regular lives. We are busy, we’ve got kids and activities, but we’ve made this lifestyle work for us for the past year. We are passionate about it, so what better way than to blog about our experiences to get it out there. The fact that we are just like a lot of you, we had a “beginning”. We are here to share our stories, our successes, our struggles and even our failures.

Stick with us, while we bring you our experiences with the Paleo-lifestyle. We’ll be getting out and exploring Paleo supporting markets, businesses and activities in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas, maybe even an interview or two.

As this might be your “new beginning” this is our “new beginning”.